Nov 102016

Here's the info:
February: 17, 18, 19
Grand Vista RV Park
711 N. Prescott Ave
Call 520.384.4002 to make reservations, make sure you tell the RV park host that you're part of the "GMC" group. She has set aside a couple of 50A sites for the bigger rigs. Site fees are $31/day. Add $2 for 50A servicer.

Directions: I-10 to Wilcox. take exit 340 (Rex Allen Dr.). Proceed approx .06
mile, watch for the RV park sign on the RH side N. Prescott Ave

Dinner on Fri night at the Big Tex BBQ (old RR dining car)
Lunch Saturday at the Tortilleria Taqueria La Unica where we had that fantastic lunch last year.

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