Apr 272017

The December rally will be held at the DeAnza RV Resort at Amado, AZ on the nights of December 7, 8, and 9, departing on the 10th. The rates will be $36-$40 depending on how many coaches we have. There will also be a rally fee of $10-$20 depending... Call the DeAnza RV Resort at 520-398-8628 and make your own reservations and then email Armand at armand@minniebiz.com to let us know you are planning to attend.

This is the current schedule for the rally:

Rally fee $10 to be collected at rally

   Arrive, register at office, and set up
   4:00 pm Happy Hour at Host’s Coach
   5:00 pm Meet to travel to dinner
   5:30pm Dinner at Stables Ranch Grille or resort's restaurant
   Campfire (propane or real) after dinner, weather permitting
   9:00 am Continental Breakfast at the Host's Coach
   10:30 am Cardmaking/coloring craft class (no charge) in the craft room
   4:00 pm Happy Hour at Host's Coach
   5:00 pm Dinner at resort's restaurant or Tubac on your own
   Campfire (propane or real) after dinner, weather permitting.
   9:00 am Coffee at the Host's Coach - breakfast in restaurant (no host)
   10:00 am Annual Club Meeting - please attend
   4:00 pm Happy Hour at the Host's Coach
   5:00 Dinner at DeAnza RV Resort restaurant hosted by GMCSJ
   Campfire after dinner, weather permitting
   9:00 am Coffee at Host’s Coach - breakfast in restaurant (no host)
   12:00 pm Checkout time

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