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Author Topic: GMCSJ Tools
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Post GMCSJ Tools
on: March 13, 2013, 07:36

Hi all,
I posted that we have some pretty nice GMC tools. Does anyone know the origin of these tools. Who purchased them? When were they purchased etc? I recognize the Thoma bearing tools. They were the best available at the time and quite costly. We also have something I thought was a recent developement; The jig for drilling the knuckle for a grease zerk. (A shot of grease every 5-10,000 miles here will keep you from having to pull the bearings for service.) Nice stuff and I'll keep better tabs on these tools in the future. See you all in Verde Valley. Steve

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  1. The Webb Update….

    Hey fellow GMCSJ’ers! Barb and I wanted to say hi to all of you from Europe! We’re having a wonderful time seeing all of the magnificent historical sights 🙂 Have yet to come across a GMC motorhome. Europe’s idea of an RV is a bit different than ours and the largest we’ve seen is about a 25′ class C with nary a slideout to be found 🙁 Must be something to do with all the narrow roads and $9 a gal gasoline!

    See you this fall !!!

  2. Just some news here. Don’t know how many of you know it but Jim and Adell’s 26 footer is at the GMC CO-OP in Orlando getting a facelift. You can watch the day by day progress here:
    Just cut and paste the link into your browser.

  3. Got this from Carol & Gordy: Howdy and Happy Thanksgiving!
    We FINALLY got permission to start “thinking” of coming home! Now, we have to see if we can make it happen. It will involve setting up continuing wound care, another month of daily antibiotics and weekly wound vac changes. Things have started improving and the wound is looking good. He can’t put any weight on his ankle but we’ll manage. Our son, Craig will come out and help with the drive so we’re looking at about two weeks away. We never thought we’d be here this long but besides the discovery of valley fever, we’re also dealing with MRSA in the wound. We’ll need a wheelchair (looking for something light weight as I’ll be lifting it in and out of the car) and hoping it will get through the bathroom door! Thanks for all your prayers. Thanks.

  4. Just a suggestion: It wo9uld be nice to have a more complete rally schedule on the website. We will not be able to attend the Jan. Rally this year due to some family issues, but are trying to plan ahead to Feb. My recollection is that there is a Rally at Distant Drums RV Park, but I don’t know the dates. A few of us still work and have to make arrangements to get off work in advance. Maybe include the WS rally in Amado as well.

  5. Hi Jetsetters,
    Just a quick note for any of you who have Norcold 1200 series refridgerators in your coach. There is a recall currently in effect. Get to a dealer and take advantage of this recall. – Steve

  6. This year’s Bluegrass Festival had 11 coaches. Two nights of good weather and bon fires and good company. The rain sort of kept us in the main building most of the time but it was sure worth it. I only recognized one group from previous years and the gap between the almost great groups and the best groups was non-existant. Fantastic Bluegrass music. Next year, however, you can be sure that I am going to secure all the “high” ground sites for the Jetsetters just in case it decides to sprinkle again. See you all at Lazy Daze next month.

  7. Nice pictures Carl. (As usual:>) )

  8. For all of you in the GMCSJ that still own a GMC. All of the club owned GMC tools have come home. I have them, and I will post here (from now on) who has them on loan. Check out and return day.
    We own the following for use by our members:
    Engine pulling hoist – you can use this to pull the engine out through the coach, or drop it out the bottom if you have the nose of the coach high enough.
    Thoma bearing tools – Complete with seal installation tool and the jib to drill your knuckle for a grease zerk.
    Ball Joint removal tool
    Torsion Bar Unloader (2) This takes a lot of the effort out of setting the ride height after replacing the ball joints, bushings, or to compensate for age.

  9. Hey Jetsetters, check this out. A new attempt at the land speed record for Class A motorhomes. The current record is held by a GMC at 102 mph. Click here for more information plus pictures:

  10. It is with great sadness that we report here on the passing of Phoebe Snyder.

  11. Hi all

    Gerri and I wont be attending any rally this coming season. We wont be coming to AZ
    due to Gerri being treated for breast cancer. this will be a year ordeal so must stay in Spokane. In addition to that she broke her ankle, so I have my hands full. Hoping to be back in 2016. You all have a good season.

    Ed Geise